david prown 120

david prown 120The 4th weekend of every September, for seemingly forever, me and my 2nd grade pals from CT (where I grew up), get together somewhere around the United States for what we call “Boys Weekend).

Growing up in CT, driving age was 16 and the drinking age was 18…so we’ve been “Drinking Buddies” for a long time. Plus when I saw that the lead character ran a micro brewery, I immediately thought of pal “Goff” who ran such a brewery in Florida

20 years ago after getting out of Cornell and the Peace Corps.

So I thought this movie would be a great lead into Boys Weekend…not. I really wanted to enjoy this movie. I really liked the lead character (Olivia Wilde). She was very pretty, fun, drank like a fish, worked very hard and loved just hanging out with the boys (all while having an understanding, long time boyfriend on the outside of fellow beer makers group .

Once that relationship ended after a couples weekend, she crossed the friends line with one of her fellow employees. That one evening of friendly sex really changed her relationship with her best friend Luke (Jake Johnson). Up until that point, they were endlessly laughing and flirting. It was fun to watch the playful banter

Then the movie lost its innocence and fun as relationships and relationship talk dominated the rest of the movie. The film simply slowed dramatically for me after that. I can’t imagine this movie doing very well nor getting much buzz.

Saw the movie in theatre #1 of the Showroom in Asbury Park. This is the biggest of their 3 theaters seating about 50 folks. Love this place!

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