Apparently the all-Republican Middletown Township Committee is no longer satisfied with completely controlling the agenda of their meetings, but they now also want to control the comments from the public.

At the workshop meeting on Tuesday night, committee members were talking two or three at the same time during the first of the public comments, eating into the five minute maximum allotted to the speaker. When one of the  committee members, Mr. Fiore, was responding to questions from the speaker, the Deputy Mayor was making comments such as,  “This is ridiculous,”  at the same time. When I appealed for order during the public comments, Mr. Fiore responded that comments should be limited to township business. This is clearly not a requirement and a gross violation of the constitutional rights of the public.

I appeal to the mayor to restore order to these meetings and enforce Robert’s Rules of Order, as required by Township Resolution 13-47 adopted on 01-06-2013.

The video of the meeting of September 3, 2013 is on YouTube at:
Public Comments are at the end of the meeting.


John Schwebel

Leonardo, NJ

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