david prown 120

david prown 120A quirky, lite story with a heavy message. What point was hammered home to me was the value of a 2 parent household vs a single parent. “The struggle” of a single female parent in a household with inactive/divorced or passed away husbands led to young people having pretty independent lives vs. helicopter parents.

Teen alcohol and promiscuity (but particularly the alcohol) was everpresent in the lives of these 2 distinct teens who find each other and common ground in their single moms, their independent lives and endless alcohol. The boy is the life of the party, rebounding off the “hot girl” relationship and who has only had 1 friend. The girl is the quintessential “good girl” with good grades, zero boy experience and loyal to hard working Mom.

The title was the mantra of the young man and the dad he barely knew essentially saying live for today and screw tomorrow (help train wreck).

Throughout, you are rooting for them but at the same time you are waiting for the train wreck. You could tell early on that this was not some traditional coming of age movie like “My Way, Way Bank”. I was very surprised by the very last scene and the message.

Yet I liked both characters and very well cast. This film really kept ones attention.

Some known actors like Kyle Chandler and Jennifer Jason Leigh, but it was the young leads that made this film work very well (Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley).

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