Where: Seastreak Ferry Terminal, Highlands, NJ
When: Sunday, September 8, 2013
Time: 3:00 PM
Music Director/Producer: Michael Mancini and Rick Korn

Determined to have something positive come from the senseless violence in Newtown, Connecticut and in an effort to restore the storm ravaged east coast after Hurricane Sandy, The Sandy Ground Project was established to create 26 playgrounds as living memorials to all children who have been victims of violence and devastation while at the same time creating safe, fun places for children to be children. All 26 families of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary have signed on to have a playground built in honor of their lost love one. Over half of the playgrounds have been funded and many of those have been built up the coast from Sandy Hook, NJ to Sandy Hook, CT. These playgrounds are built by fire fighters from the NJFMBA, local police and volunteer construction workers. The playgrounds are designed with the help of family members to reflect the personalities of the children and educators lost that fateful day. The goal is to get all 26 built by December 14, 2013. For more information go to the Sandy Ground Project website http://www.thesandygroundproject.org/

Concert Synopsis
The concert will be held in Highlands, NJ, where there will be a playground built in memory of 6-year-old Daniel Barden, one of the children who died at Sandy Hook Elementary. Highlands was one of the most devastated towns hit by Super Storm Sandy, with 1250 of its 1500 homes and all of the towns businesses destroyed. As the town attempts to bounce back, it also recognizes the need to honor the children and educators lost in Newtown who have suffered far greater. 

Highlands sits at the entrance of Sandy Hook, NJ and the concert will be held on the beautiful waterfront facing the Hook.

There is no better way to honor Daniel and his classmates, teachers and their families than to do it through the healing power of music. Why the concert? Well, all you have to do is watch this clip of Daniel singing with his father Mark (playing guitar) to “Mr. Golden Sunshine” to understand why. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ9P5PL-yRE


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The Jersey Shore is known for great music and musicians. Bobby Bandiera (Guitarist in Bon Jovi) and his band, The Smithereens, Bob Burger, Mark Barden and his trio (Daniel’s Dad), Sax great Tommy Labella and music director Michael Mancini have teamed up to create an event designed to celebrate the lives of these children and educators. Highlands is Daniel Barden’s town so we can think of no better way to celebrate his life then with great music. This concert will be a celebration and continuation of life that is designed to lift the spirits of all that perform and attend.

Who the Concert will Benefit
The Sandy Ground Project will be the beneficiary and all proceeds will go to finance Daniel’s playground and the remaining playgrounds being built. Also, the Sandy Ground will donate a portion of the proceeds to go to the Highlands First Aid which lost its building during Sandy.

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