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david prown 120Had a time slot to go to the movies and was taking George for his 14th birthday. After a pretty darn good cheese steak at Dom’s Cherry St. Deli and knowing I was not taking him to an R movie, my choices were “Blue Jasmine – Woody Allen” and “Jobs”. We took in the latter as I knew he was into technology while the former was a crap shoot for a teenager.

On moviefone.com, the reviews were pretty bad. Going into the movie, we were 2 of 5 people in the audience…pretty bad for opening day.

Now this was a very poorly made, constructed movie. Plus Steve Jobs, though revered in the business world, that is not a big box office draw and a man famous for a very limited personality.

I really enjoyed the “back story on Jobs” telling of his independent thinking, brilliant consumer visionary mind, singular focus and more. Story essentially told the original Apple Company story, about his partners like Steve Woz. and more.

Clearly you could see


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the early growth of Apple as the office space/campus got fancier and fancier. Never really explained the why, which products etc.

Story tells of his salesmanship, his early steering of Apple, his battles with the board, his exodus from Apple and his gig at NEXT. Movie ended with his return to Apple and early design of the legendary IMAC computer line. Movie ended quite abruptly and didn’t go into the legendary Iphone, Ipod, or Ipad products. Nor did it talk of his health issues.

Definitely a quirky movie, but Iliked.it…maybe even more than Facebook because he was he so “unlikable” while Zuckerberg was quite likeble. Both shared this incredible vision of what the common consumer wants in products.

Only thing of note in the credits was side by side pictures of the actors with their real life characters (at that time) sort of to show how great a job they did casting (very self serving).

Didn’t give us any written re-cap/update on Jobs, Apple or their products. Luckily for Apple the company, this movie will be a bomb. Essentially intimates that this company was nothing and will be nothing except when Mr. Jobs is the the visionary, independent and fully supported leader.

I think also having Ashton Kutcher paying jobs (did well and loved the capturing of Jobs’ famous unique, walking gait) is really a box office killer.

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