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Acting: From Stage to Film – Ages 13-17 years old

Instructor: Debby Schwartz


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12 weeks (Mondays) 5:30 to 7:00 PM (1 ? hour class) This class focuses on Method, Lee Strassberg’s and Sanford Meisner’s techniques as they pertain to film acting. Students will learn the differences there are between stage and film acting. How to develop your character in a much shorter amount of rehearsal time that is given you in film. How to prepare for your character, maintain your character and build on your performance from small pieces rather than whole scenes, etc. You will learn how to become friends with the camera as if it is another character in your scene and overcome any fears of on camera performance. In order to sign up for this class a student has to have taken some conventional acting classes or approval by the instructor (this may mean an audition) to enroll.

Acting: From stage to film – Adults

Instructor: Debby Schwartz

12 weeks (Mondays) 7:15 to 8:45 PM (1 ? hour class) This class focuses on the techniques of Sanford Meisner, Lee Strassberg and Method, as they pertain to film acting. Students learn to adjust stage acting techniques to film, how to build a consistent character regardless of the seeming confusion on a film set, preparation of role characterization, rehearsal techniques, character building, maintain character continuity, and building a performance from small pieces rather than a complete scene. There individual and small group on camera practice helps students get a feel for working in front of a camera and overcome any fears of on camera performance. Exercises focus on a convincing on-camera performance regardless of the situation that exists during photography. Students should have taken conventional stage acting classes or have the approval of the instructor to enroll.

Film Writing- Adults

Instructor: Raphael Serebreny

12 weeks (Wednesdays) 7:00 to 8:30 PM (1 ? hour class) Students will learn the basics of motion picture script writing, formatting, act structure, “arc of the story,” outlining, dramatization, writing to a given time limitation, writing very short dramatic films, writing “episodic” films, and building “page turners” into episodes. Class also covers turning raw ideas into film stories. Each student will write a short script that can be produced as an exercise by the screen directing class.

Screen Directing 1 – Adults

Instructor: Raphael Serebreny

12 weeks (Thursdays) 7:00 to 8:30 PM (1 ? hour class) Class focuses on the screen director’s basic responsibilities-directing actors on camera. basic “time design,” internal and external shot design, cutting patterns and basic rules, designing matching shots planning shot coverage, directorial script analysis, basic camera and shooting techniques, lenses and perspective, giving playable directions, rehearsal techniques, and on-set techniques. Class will also cover some basic casting techniques Students should have completed Film Acting Section 2 or have the approval of the instructor.

Private Coaching For Actors

For All Ages

Instructor: Debby Schwartz

By Appointment Only

Offering private acting sessions for the actor who wants a one on one with the teacher. This class helps the actor widen their acting range and builds up confidence in themselves which will enable them to go out on all types of auditions. It will teach the actor how to do all the emotions that are needed to tap into the characters they will be going out for or playing by being believable and convincing to the audience.

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