Dear Editor:

In a recent letter, an AARP representative provided incorrect information about Verizon’s commitment to provide its New Jersey customers with reliable, quality communications services and its innovative Voice Link service.

Superstorm Sandy destroyed or severely damaged Verizon’s copper network facilities in many communities along New Jersey’s barrier islands.  After assessing the extent of the damage, Verizon determined that Voice Link technology would be the best solution for restoring basic voice service to our customers living in a few of these areas.

Voice Link uses reliable wireless technology to deliver voice service to customers. Voice Link works seamlessly with a customer’s current telephone and wall jack, provides enhanced 911 services (meaning it relays a caller’s telephone number and location to first responders), and a customer will pay the same or less than they do today.  It is professionally installed by a Verizon technician and includes a built-in battery backup that continues service during power outages. 

What is ironic is that Verizon Voice Link service is superior to the AARP’s own endorsed home wireless product that is provided by a competing provider. 

There is no place for misinformation – the kind being distributed by the AARP’s letter-writing campaign – given the serious situation consumers faced in these affected communities and the amount of time and effort Verizon employees invested to help restore service there.  Just as New Jersey residents and communities used the latest building materials and innovations to rebuild their homes and businesses following Superstorm Sandy, Verizon is using the latest technologies and communications innovations to provide reliable service to our customers.


Paul A. Sullivan

Region President – Verizon New Jersey


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