Greenleaf  Compassion Center, NJ’s medical marijuana dispensary has been closed for 6 weeks.  The lack of medication is sending a Lawrence Twp. Glaucoma patient for surgery.

Tomorrow, Susan Sturner,  a 53 year old card holder and customer at GCC since December,  will undergo SLT laser surgery because of lack of access to the medicine that would keep her inter ocular pressure stable.

Sturner has been vocal about GCC only being open for four hours every 2-3 weeks and only having 1 strain.   The strain called Green Crack  causes panic as a side effect for patients who need a hybrid or Indica strain.   The last time GCC had a hybrid was March.

 NJ has a 3 strain limit.  GCC has never had more than 2 available.

While Susan undergoes surgery tomorrow Senate bill S2842 will still be sitting on Governor  Christie’s desk.

S2842 will dissolve the 3 strain limit allowing patients access to strains that actually work well for their particular diseases and symptoms.

  It also provides for edibles, tinctures, topicals and other methods of medication so that patients do not have to smoke.  It lifts the requirement that minors need a psychiatrist to sign off on their medical marijuana recommendation.

  Adults need only one physician’s recommendation.  Minors currently need 3 including a psychiatrist who has never treated them.  S2842 would allow the child’s oncologist, epileptologist, neurologist, etc to sign off along with the recommending physician.

S2842 was introduced because of 2 children who suffer from Dravet syndrome, a severe and at times deadly form of epilepsy.   The  medicinal cannabis they need is a high CBD form which is non pyschoactive. 

 Many adults also favor higher cbd to thc ratios because of the muscle relaxing effects and the less high feeling is beneficial for some during the day.  With the 3 strain limit the Alternative Treatment Centers  don’t want to cultivate a higher cbd strain.   They prefer the higher thc strains because of higher yield.

  Lifting the 3 strain limit benefits all patients.
Governor Christie is wasting precious time and risking lives while not signing this bill.  These children already have their medical marijuana cards and the pharmaceutical cocktails that don’t work cause brain damage.  High cbd medicine works.

  Susan Sturner is hoping that she does not end up blind.  Having relief from the pain of Glaucoma, even for just a short time, is a cruel tease.  This does not have to be this way.

Rowyn Capers

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