anne_mikolay_2012_120There’s a lot I could write about this week. After admitting she uttered the “N” word some twenty-five years ago, Paula Deen remains in the news. I could join the ongoing debate regarding her alleged racist views and whether her current persona non-grata status among the very retailers that made her rich is justified. I could hop in line behind the sheep throwing fuel on the Trayvon Martin fire and offer my opinion of the Zimmerman verdict and the ensuing violence. I could pontificate on actor Denzel Washington’s shocking divorce proceedings after thirty plus years of marriage, or I could take the more trivial road and review the kooky, dangerous acts featured on America’s Got Talent. But I’m not going to. The world is screwy enough without me sticking my nose in things and, quite honestly, there’s nothing I can say about any of this that hasn’t been said before.

We need to hear something different. We need a pep talk.

Ten year old internet sensation Robby Novak has risen to the occasion.

Robby, aka Kid President, is a budding motivational speaker/comic who has taken the internet by storm. Though he suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone syndrome, and has experienced seventy bone breaks to date, Robby enthusiastically pursues his goal of making people happy, and together with his brother-in-law, creates uplifting, inspirational videos. Robby believes kids can change the world; if you watch Robby’s videos, you just might believe it, too.

In his video “Pep Talk”, which first aired in January of this year, Robby declares the world “needs to stop being boring” because we are “gooder” than that. If life is a game, Robby muses, we are all on the same team. By his reasoning, we have “air coming through our noses” and our hearts are beating, so it’s time to do something! Robby suggests that when presented with diverging paths (e.g. Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”), we choose the path leading to “awesome”. This is your time, Robby preaches, so make every day better. If we are all on the same team, he states, start acting like it! We were made to be awesome!

Strip away the comedic expressions and script, and Kid President’s video reveals truth. We are all the same. We all breath the same air. Our hearts beat the same way. Life presents us all with various paths; we should respect our teammates’ personal route to “awesome”. Corny? Yes. Easy? No. In fact, history has proven it’s next to impossible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. How? Just be nice to the person next to you. Don’t be mean. After-all, according to Kid President, we are “gooder” than that.

If you haven’t seen it already, Kid President’s “Pep Talk” video can be viewed on youtube. To find out more about Robby Novak, log onto

Now go be awesome!

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Anne Mikolay

Anne Mikolay

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