david_prown_120First, “The Heat”; then “Unfinished Song” and now “My Way, Way Back – 3 tremendous movies in a row. What a roll!!!! I’m totally pumped. Dang I love the movies.

I knew absolutely nothing about “My Way, Way Back” so read a quick snippet on moviefone.com where it got a decent rating about the coming of age story of a 14 year old boy at a Water Park. Seriously, I was ready for a snooze.

This movie GRABBED ME immediately and just kept getting better. Tremendous cast with Sam Rockwell, Toni Collette, Allison Janney and Steve Carell. But the sad, mopey lead of Duncan played by Liam James really pulls you in. You love his incredible innocence, his huge heart, his awkward teenage mis-steps and more.

But the laughs..whoa…endless, ridiculous, belly-busters. I had a huge smile on my face for 95% of the movie. They had to include some heavy family angst, but it really works. The playful banter between Rockwell (Duncan’s immature, yet mature theme park boss) is brilliant, childish and priceless (and actually important).

The two writers of this flick wrote George Clooney movie “The Descendants” that won an Oscar (for best screen play). This movie has many more laughs and is very enjoyable. This is quite a writing team that we’ll be hearing from for years if not decades.

I really deserve a “Movie Zonk” soon – what a roll I’m on.

What a great night of “Movie Magic”. Thank you Bow Tie Theatre of Red Bank (formally Clearview” for hosting 2 spectacular films at the moment (Unfinished Song). Went to the 7pm show and maybe only 5 empty seats. Kudos to the movie-going crowd in this area to support NON block busters and taking a chance. I sat in the 2nd row and was most comfortable.

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