david_prown_120I saw “Hangover 1 and Hangover 2”. I’m sure I laughed a bit, but no major memories of either flick (except Mike Tyson scenes.) For some reason this “Hangover 3” was a much more engaging comedy.

You had the same lead actors and they just seem to have simply nailed their respective roles and chemistry. The funny parts were extremely funny. I’m not sure I can recall seeing folks in the audience laughing so physically hard. I was also surprised to see several young children in the audience when this movie is clearly an R – and then some.

This movie will kill at the box office. Make sure you stay for the credits.

By the way, I saw this movie at the RAVE Movie Theater on Route 35 in Hazlet on a Tuesday.

I was stunned that “every show at that theater on a Tuesday”, regardless of time is only $5.

Plus, hot dogs for $1. That is nuts!

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