david_prown_120Was in need of a “take me away” movie yesterday and heard (2nd hand} that my movie guru recommended this one. So went off to Red Bank to see “Frances Ha” which happily I knew absolutely nothing about nor who was in it.

Right away I saw that this film starred Greta Gerwig who previously has played a quirky, off center, semi comedic role “Damsels in Distress”. Though this movie wasn’t very well received, she clearly captured the screen when she was on it.

Back to “Frances Ha”, it was shot mostly in black in white. Now sure why, really didn’t make a difference. It is about a west coast girl who goes to school in the east and stays east in NYC trying to build a career in dancing. She had her dream but clearly doesn’t have the talent (nor realize she doesn’t have the talent).

The film spends lots of time with her also offbeat best friend, Sophie, and their group of similar friends. All trying to define and build their careers with folks going in different directions at different speeds.

Frances continues her awkwardness which causes poor decisions, mis-steps etc.


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At long last, she retreats to her college to find work and inevitably refocuses her career (as a choreographer) and seems to find the right path in the last 15 minutes.

This movie is only 86 minutes long, yet seems longer.

It just didn’t work for me at all…bummer.

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