david_prown_120I was so disappointed that I was unable to see the Jackie Robinson movie “42” last Friday on opening day (I just love the magic of opening day). Plus add in baseball and its a true story and I was Jonesing for this movie.

So went yesterday and it was okay. I love the Jackie Robinson story and the vision of All time owner Branch Rickey, but I guess I just knew “too much” of the story.

Sort of knew all the players, the history, the times etc. Director clearly captured the essence of both Mr. and Mrs Robinson plus Mr. Rickey with what I thought was tremendous casting.

I was surprised to learned that in his rookie year (the movie really takes place during the 18 months around his signing to a pro contact) and his historical breaking of the color barrier into professional sports (any sport). Intrigued that this hall of fame 2nd baseman played 1st base his rookie year. Loved the reminder that 1 day a year, every single play wears the #42 and that the uniform #42 has been retired throughout the entire league.

Loved the helter skelter he caused on the base paths and at the plate with his all-time talent. Enjoyed seeing opponents and teammates come around to accept Jackie as a man and as a ballplayer.

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The themed, old baseball/jackie Robinson songs to the end of the film to me were amazing special.

But like with other sports movies “Miracle on Ice” or “Secretariat”, knowing the results of these historic sports/situations significantly reduces the “tension/drama” of other sports films.

Nice movie but forgettable…sorry

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