david_prown_120Producer/writer/director Tyler Perry’s drama films definitely are not generally written to be box office smashes. Now Mr. Perry is also well known for his “Madea” themed movies (where he also plays the lead character) which are quite funny but also send a message. These movies do well in the box office and cross over to most audiences.

“Temptation” is one of those drama films that Perry’s touches are all over it, he is just not in it. I always look forward to these films as I know they are not perfectly polished; feature unique casting & show tough themes.

This 2 hour movie flew by and you could pretty much tell what was coming. However, Mr. Perry does an excellent job of drawing out/teasing to the subsequent action which creates a much more believable realism of the action/decision by the character(s).

I have to talk about the casting for a minute. If one was to read that some of the major roles were filled by the controversial Kim Kardashian: singer Brandy, and former Miss.America Vanessa Williams (now singer/actor), you won’t exactly rush out to see the film. But they play very interesting and somewhat flawed characters and it really works.

No doubt Mr. Perry’s films speak primarily to his African-American community. However, the message within these stories can be found in all cultures. I enjoy the movie going experience of Mr. Perry’s films for another reason. Often the audience has a healthy number of African-American Audience members, particularly women. In the AA community, the women are the rock of the family. They have seen all, dealt with all and there eyes are wide open. In this community as well, the movie going experience involves lots of talking back to the movie screen. Could be distracting, but actually adds to the movie experience. I really appreciate their comments and emotions during the course of the film…helps bring me deeper into the movie.

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