david_prown_120It has been a real tough spring for movies and I didn’t hold much promise for the big- screen action/thriller “Olympus Has Fallen”; where the White House is attacked and nearly destroyed, President is taken hostage by N. Korean Terrorists and the demoted/disgraced member of the Presidential detail saves the day.

Sounds like “been there, done that” and pretty predictable (and it was) BUT its was extremely entertaining.

First you had an excellent cast including Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhard, Morgan Freeman, Angela Basset, Melissa Leo, Dylan McDermott and more.

Movie simply had excellent tension, well done special effects and just worked (no doubt the real life escalating tensions with N. Korea as I write this definitely played in my mind during the film).

Just a solid, action movie that deserves and plays well on the big screen. 2 hours long and moves right along.

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