After reading Woody Zimmerman’s second follow-up article to the  “War on the Boy Scouts” and the barrage of negative resonses to that, I went back to count the number of letters in favor of avowed Gays being admitted into the Scouts, as oppsed to those who supported Woody’s view.  As near as I could tell,the letters were 24 to 2 in favor of Gays being admitted.  It seems doubtful that an effort toward proportionality on the part Woody’s editor, Allan Dean in publishing these letters was even considered.  I would imagine that there could also have been a considerable number of readers like myself who wrote to resonate with Woody on this important issue.  It seems that what your readership is left with is a de facto “straw pole” (sic) conducted by an  editor rather than a balanced representation of views.  Nevertheless, I do appreciate the fact that he included my letter as one of the two in support of imbuing and sustaining  timeless and obvious lessens of morality in our youth, for their protection and for the future wellbeing of our nation.

Kenneth S. Deaver
Dillsburg, PA 

[editor’s note:  The writer is incorrect in his assumption.  ALL the letters that we receive are published.]

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