melissa_marie_festa_mrs_highlandsI am Melissa Maria Festa (Campbell) currently Mrs. Highlands United States 2013  in the running for Mrs. New Jersey United States. Hurricane Sandy is what led me to enter this pageant in an effort to bring attention to my hometown and to all the surrounding towns that were greatly affected by this super-storm.

I grew up in a small town along the Jersey Shore called Highlands. Highlands is located near Sandy Hook Beach with its surrounding town neighbors Sea Bright, Atlantic Highlands, Belford, Union Beach, & many other devastated towns up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

I am dedicating my undivided attention to raise an awareness to a higher level and bring attention to our homes along the Shore. With all the money that has been raised in relation to the victims, I ask how is it being evenly distributed?  What about the residents who can’t move back into their homes and can’t afford the finances to rebuild on top of raising their homes due to the new flood maps? What about the children who lost their daily after school recreational activities? It is my inner desire and passion that if I win the Mrs. New Jersey United States title, I will then spotlight my platform on a national level.  I will go above and beyond to help bring life back to our Jersey Shore and help those who grew up along the shore return to their homes.

 God Bless!!!

If you are interested in sponsoring Melissa Maria Festa in the Mrs. New Jersey United States pageant please click the link provided for details:

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