It seems that a “minority” opinion is in order, first, because most of the vitriol is coming from the fair sex, and second, because I favor the “underdog” Commentator’s ancient and time-tested moral reasoning.  We got off on the wrong foot in the 60’s with the idea that “sex education” in the schools would reduce teen pregnancy, and social diseases.  It didn’t. But it opened a new door to deviancy education and the strange notion that perversions of biological functions were “civil rights”  They are not.  They are psychological and psyciatric anomolies at best, and evil and unhealthy lifestyles at worst.

Woody’s courage to tackle such a newsworthy subject is laudable-especially on the heals of the recent scandals of pedophilic acts by Scoutmasters who were serial molesters who came in under the radar of the Scout Oath and Law for years. If any of you outraged women are mothers, I would think you would think first about the welfare of any young sons or grandsons you might have.  If the Sandusky cases in Pennsylvania don’t wake you up, I don’t know what will.

Ken Deaver
Dillsburg, PA 


Son of a Scout, Scout, and grandfather of a Scouts.

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