Dear Editor,

It is about guns.  To Mr. Ziolkolwski’s question about cars that can exceed the speed limit there are hundreds of answers, including the fact that speed limits vary greatly throughout the country, and it has been until recently impossible to design a car whose engine somehow was incapable of going beyond speed limits as they are posted.  Insofar as we are in favor of legal driving, there is no reason not to support an amazing technology that made cars smart enough not only to recognize speed limits — as GPS’s now can do — but would disallow speeding past it.  Except that there are times, in difficult situations, when in order to avoid accidents one had to speed for a moment beyond the posted limit.  Not to have that capacity would be suicidal.  In addition, it might  be noted that police chiefs and policeman overwhelmingly favor the reduction of firing capacity in guns. 

But the true analogy is, why does everyone who drives a car have to have a driver’s license?  Cars can be lethal.  Guns can be lethal.  You can’t buy cars at a car show and then drive them, without having a license.

It is also clear from all the evidence that the more guns there are the more innocent people get killed.  The more bullets you can fire, the more dead people there will be.  It is as simple as that.

President Obama has not proposed bans on guns or violation of the Second Amendment.  The idea that the point of this proposed legislation and his executive order is to violate the constitution is fantasy, provoked largely by the fear tactics of the NRA, whose real interest is obviously not the constitution or American well being, but making tons of money.  That every gun owner should have a license that testifies to his or her capacity to use them sensibly seems to be a minimal step in diminishing the number of deaths of innocents.   

How anyone can recognize the violence and slaughter that goes on in America every day, beyond the horror of Sandy Hook in Connecticut, and not want to do something serious about America’s unique status among Western nations in allowing the possession of arms to anyone and without license is amazing to me, and deeply depressing.

You can call it “frenzy” if you will,  although it looks to me like common sense.  Would you not trade all the large capacity magazines in America for the lives of any one of those little kids assassinated in Sandy Hook?  If not, examine your conscience once more.

George Levine
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 

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