Dear NJ-SAFETaskForce,

I highly oppose any new regulations that INFRINGE the Rights of Good Law-Abiding Citizen’s in NJ.

I am extremely upset with the “freenzy” of new anti-gun bills and those who helped introduce them.

But I want to try and answer a question for you:

I hear people ask why does anyone need more than one gun or a magazine with more than 10 rounds.

I ask EVERY one of you to ask yourself this question:

Why does anyone need a car that EXCCEDS the legal speed limit?

There is NO reason to own or operate a car that exceeds the legal speed limit in America or NJ.

When you have the answer to this simple question then you have the answer to why a Good Law-Abiding Citizen have the Constitutional Right to own the firearm(s) of choice.

The Constitution was recently read out load by Congress for the 2nd time in American history.

They made a special attempt to point out and remind OUR elected officals that work for US that it is an IMPEACHABLE offense to circumvent against the Constitutionm especially the Second Amendment.

This is NOT about guns.

This is about dismantling the Constitution.

And you need to seriously re-evaluate your position.

This administration will NOT place any blame on criminals, gangs or illegals.

I highly recommend you turn your focus on cities like Camden, Newark and Trenton and clean up your own backyard first and focus on real criminals and criminal activity who not only cost our state money but cost good law-abiding tax-paying citizens tremendous harm and grief..

I see a political party in NJ that has NO real solution who FAILED in their community to address the real problems and solutions.

Leaders who FAILDED to place any blame on criminals, gangs and illegals.

I see a party that only resorts one course; to raise taxes and create more restrictions on the productive people in society.

We are watching all of you very close and taking notes on who stands for what….

If your NOT working to Protect and Defend the Constitution then YOU are working to destroy it.

The clinton/biden firearms ban in 1994 ws the biggest poliical miscalculation in American history costing the democrats the House, Senate and the First Incumbent Speaker of the House in American History.


Greg Ziolkowski SR

Metuchen NJ 

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