Dear Editor,

This November, State Assembly seats will be up for election in New Jersey and one legislator who needs to be sent packing is Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini (R-Monmouth) of the 11th district.

Angelini runs an organization called “Prevention First” that bills itself as an anti-drug, alcohol and now (because government funding is available since the Tyler Clementi suicide) anti-bullying organization.

The only thing that Prevention First seems to be preventing is the net worth of the Angelini family from dropping.

In 2009, Angelini managed to get herself a waiver from the State Assembly Ethics Committee so she could pass legislation to give taxpayer money to her own organization, which she receives a substantial salary from (in addition to her full-time legislative salary).

Angelini presents herself as a nice lady who wants to keep your kids off drugs. In reality she’s a charlatan who has gotten rich off of milking the taxpayers.

Being happily funded by those with financial interests in big pharma, Angelini believes seriously-ill patients with a need to use medical marijuana should be thrown in jail.

And despite the fact that Angelini’s district is home to the City of Asbury Park – with the highest HIV/AIDS rate in Monmouth County – Angelini has sought to undermine efforts to make clean needles available for purchase over the counter. New Jersey is the only state besides Delaware that does not allow needles to be sold without a prescription.

In Trenton, we need leaders not opportunist politicians. Angelini is an example of everything that is wrong with New Jersey.

In November, send her home (to her husband who is already collecting a state pension).

Eric Hafner
Toms River, NJ

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