david_prown_120My “tell” for movies (in advance if I’m not sure about going”) is moviefone.com. I simply look for both the critics and viewers favorable % to be above 60% each (I’ll still go if just the critics number is above 60% not visa versa).

Well, Promise Land has been solidly in the mid 50’s for both which historically tells me this is going to be a disappointing movie.

You think Matt Damon, Frances McDormand and Hal Holbrook combined with the current “fracking” frenzy, you would think this movie was going to be very good BUT the percentages are the percentages and the winner is ….. The Movie.

Real good, real interesting and just enjoyable. Pretty predictable but very interesting twist at the end.

Clearly shows how the internet has leveled the playing field for small town USA. Maybe 1-2 decades ago, the money lure of fracking would have swayed all….and generally still does. But clearly environmental concerns have been implemented of late along with a little less financial hoodwinking of the little folks by the big natural gas companies.  I just liked it.

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