david_prown_120I had such high hopes for “Hyde Park on Hudson”. The trailer made the movie seem historical and whimsical (Bill Murray) playing a light hearted but very Presidential Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Dad was coming to town 2 weeks ago and I was hopeful it would be released locally so I could treat him.  Alas, it came out at the Clearview Cinema 1 week later…THANK GOD.

Ten minutes into the movie, the President drives to an open field with his 4th or 5th cousin (Laura Linney) without any security…park…and he gets a handjob.  I almost fell over.  Talk about ruining a movie.

I have no idea if this movie was based on a true story or not.  I suspect in parts it was.  So here we have an iconic President, FDR, in now his 3rd term.  Fully feeling the effects of polio, he has no use of his legs.  Yet his mind is sharp, personality larger than life and plenty of political wisdom.

Movie revolves around one weekend at their Hyde Park home hosting the King and Queen of England, just prior to WWII in an effort to get to know their inevitable war allies.


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Nicely casted and clearly one is taken back to that era and supported by a very good sound track, this movie could have worked.  Murray’s interplay with the King of England is most engaging.  The roles of the 2 strong woman in FDR’s life (Mother and wife Eleanor) are fun to watch as FDR is at times Presidential and at other times the controlled one.

Anyway, I was disappointed.  It could have been a great film.  Bill Murray was set up to have the role of his life (they fantastically aged him for this movie – including both his teeth and fingers). His personality fit that the President very nicely.

  But his field of ladies, his lite incest, and not enough screen time, makes this movie quite forgettable and, yes, disappointing.

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