I strongly urge Gov. Christie to expand Medicaid.  Expanding Medicaid, under the Affordable Care Act, will give access to health coverage for thousands of uninsured NJ residents and turn our state’s economy in the right direction. 

New Jersey taxpayers pay much more to the federal government than they are reimbursed back in benefits. Surely, we should take action to maximize the benefits our state receives. Furthermore, expanding Medicaid will allow more employees of small businesses access to health insurance, which can more attract skilled employees to New Jersey.  Gov. Christie has been focused on helping New Jersey’s small businesses; this is one real way in which he could help. 

Lastly, more citizens on Medicaid means less dependence on charity care in emergency rooms. Since the taxpayers of New Jersey pay for charity care, expanding Medicaid to people in need will save taxpayer dollars.  Once again, this is another focus and goal of Gov. Christie.   

Ravindra Kumar

AARP Volunteer

Kendall Park

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