david_prown_120A few weeks ago, I shared that I had just seen the movie of the year – “ARGO”. It was a slam dunk in my mind.

Fast forward to 3 weeks later, I never go see a movie twice. I’ve seen “Lincoln” twice in 3 days. Sorry Argo, it is not even close. “Lincoln” is not only the best movie of the year …. it is the most important. It is so ridiculously good, so well cast, so brilliantly adapted from the incredible Doris Kearns Goodwin’s biography (she is the best).

Folks, this movie is utterly brilliant if one has any interest in American history. I must have slept thru social studies. I was shocked to learn the Lincoln was a Republican and is was “his party” who wanted to free the slaves…not the democrats.

It was amazing that the creation of the 13th amendment (to end slavery), the end of the brutal Civil War (over 600,000 americans killed!!!!!), and the assassination of Lincoln all occurred within 30 days of each other.

1st of all the acting/casting was iconic. I’m not sure ever been a better portrayal of any real person that Daniel Day-Lewis’s “Lincoln”. The walk, the gait, the demeanor, the speaking style, the everything was just as we would have imagined…

and funny!

But what a heart, what vision, what a sense of history and seizing the moment and the political winds at the same time being this stoic and exceptionally caring person, president and father (and also husband).

There is NO WAY this doesn’t get best picture and best actor Oscar this year. And folks, Tommy Lee Jones portrayal of Thaddeus Stevens is spectacular. He should easily get a best supporting actor nomination. You can add to this category Hal Holbrook as well as James Spader (who brings back the spirit of his great Boston Legal role).

On the female side, Sally Field dominates the screen. Our own Sister Bertrille (Flying Nun) is an incredible Mary Todd Lincoln and will for sure get an Oscar nomination (if not a victory as well).

Add in this film was directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Kathleen Kennedy, and you have a movie for the ages.

To me, the film “Life is Beautiful” was to me the best film I ever saw by far that tied in with history…important history. “Lincoln”, however, stands by itself unlike any other.

Both times I saw the film, the audience was pretty much like me. White and 50+. I really hope African American community discovers this film…it is so historically important.

Last thing, when I walked out of the 2nd show, I overheard a man say to the group he was with…. “and we think we have it hard today” was very profound.

Go see this film and think about this Civil War in our own back yard…4 bloody years.

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