david_prown_120Saw the preview a couple of times – looked very good, almost magical.

Just assumed that since the previews showed a young boy, animals, special effects 3-D viewing options etc., this was a “kids movie” – NOT

Seriously, I won’t recommend this film for anyone under 6th grade (and maybe older). Lots of scary themes and footage. Kid loses his family to drowning, animal on animal violence, beating of a fish for food and more.

Having said that, this movie was TERRIFIC. Extremely well made, fabulous imaginative story told so well. Famous acting (by young man and animals alike) and more . Probably the latter was computer derived. Simply beautifully filmed.

This movie had no business being marketed as 3-D – folks save your $5 bucks. Go see the regular version.

Basically the story of a boy Pi (back story on his biological 1st name is great) and his survival on a boat with a bengal tiger in the middle of the ocean.

This was a very, very well done film and no doubt a better fit for teens and up. Adults will love it. A big screen must see.

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