I have been a resident of Atlantic Highlands since 1956. Since then, I recall 3 major storms that virtually destroyed the harbor. Before we repair the harbor in the traditional manner, I would like the town council and harbor commission to consider a different approach.

Rebuild the harbor this time with concrete floating docks and pilings that are 18 to 20 feet above the regular high water mark. This system has been extremely successful in many marinas throughout the East coast. A quick trip to the Indian River Marina, in Bethany Beach Delaware, would provide a first hand look at how a marina docks should be built.

To my knowledge, since this marina was rebuilt to these specifications, they have never incurred

any serious dock damage after hurricanes and excessive tide surges. It may be more expensive to rebuild in this manner, but it seems to be a permanent solution.

Another case in point is the Leonardo State Marina. A few years ago they installed a concrete floating dock. The pilings used were not high enough. During hurricane Sandy they actually went over the top of the pilings. Because of the extreme weight of the floating dock, they shifted 2 feet to the west. All they now have to do is disassemble and reassemble the steel loops that embrace the pilings.

With seemingly ever increasing East coast storms, it seems fitting to reconsider our method of rebuilding the best marina on the East coast.

Michael Grecco
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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