Please note the following information about Utilities, Debris Removal and Moving Back in:

  • JCP&L:
    • As repairs are completed, customers will need to have their services reconnected. There are dedicated Service Crews handling reconnection works. Residents should hire their own licensed electricians to make repairs to their homes.
    • If the meter was removed due to severe damage or flooding, JCP&L will install a new meter after the service is repaired by a qualified electrician and inspected by a state inspector.
    • To schedule a service reconnection, customers should call 1-800-662-3115.
  • NJ Natural Gas Co.:
    • Gas is on in the following areas: South of Borough Hall, Center Street, Beach Street, New Street, and West Front Street. Residents can turn on gas, but must contact their personal plumber to inspect and make repairs to their homes.
    • NJ Natural Gas Co. is working to restore gas North of Borough Hall by the end of today.
    • To reschedule a service reconnection, customers should call 732-938-1000.
  • Cleaning your home:
    • Dumpsters will be provided by the town on every side street and every street. You can use the dumpsters for all garbage with the exceptions of appliances or any hazardous material. Curbside debris will be cleared on Monday.
  • Moving back in:
    • All commercial properties will require a CCO from the uniform construction code. This will require permits and inspections from the building, electric, plumbing and fire inspectors.
    • All residential rentals will require a certificate of occupancy from the housing inspector. Building permits as needed with required inspections.
    • Single family homes with no damage and no construction work to be done will not require a certificate of occupancy.
    • All buildings that require building permits will have a certificate of approval or a certificate of occupancy issued after required inspections from the uniform construction code.
  • FEMA:
    • You can register for Fema assistance at Fema representatives have also been stationed at Sea Bright Borough Hall during business hours to answer any questions you might have.

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