Dear Editor,

As a Middletown resident and voter who is not affiliated with any political party, I must express my disgust with the behavior of the Middletown Democrats during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  While I witnessed the Republican members of the Township Committee spend day and night, seven days a week delivering meals, unloading trucks, organizing volunteer efforts, overseeing the emergency rescue and recovery teams, pressuring JCP&L to restore power, creating and raising money for the Middletown Disaster Relief Fund and doing everything humanly possible to help those affected by the storm, the Middletown Democrats were nowhere to be found. And here’s why.  They were busy campaigning door to door,trashing the township committee and volunteers for not doing enough to help, and littering the town with new signs as early as Friday November 2nd– even as storm debris piled up.  One Democrat even had to be ordered to leave a secured area on election day as he was knocking on doors looking to drive people to the polls to vote for Democrats.  I am still in shock over the audacity of such behavior during this tragic time. Even if i wasn’t completely sure who I was going to vote for on election day, I was sure who not to vote for when I saw all the new signs go up all over the Bayshore area. Having people support you and put signs on their lawn is one thing, but plastering public areas of the bayshore with signs with all that is needed to be done to help our neighbors is quite another.  Democrats – you should be ashamed of yourselves.  


Bob Banta
Middletown, NJ 

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