david_prown_120This subtitled movie is most interesting in that the stars are actually the supporting actors who are the Moms. 

Story about babies accidentally being switched at birth and discovered later in life (age 18). The rub is that one was raised in Israel, the other in Palestine.

Talk about abject opposite ends of the spectrum. Essentially been programmed 24/7 for their 18 years of life that the “other” is ones worst, mortal enemy on many levels.

Once the truth is discovered and the tough conversations begin, it is the Moms who see the bigger picture, drop all political angst and simply welcome the new son into the family while retaining 100% for the original. The Dads hold onto their political anger much longer but even at the end find some love in the magic of their newest child.

I think if one was of Jewish or Palestinian descent, this would be a much more compelling film. Playing at the Red Bank White St. Cinema… but not for long.

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