RE:  Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L)

Dear President Hanna,

As Director of the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders, I respectfully request an investigation into the response by Jersey Central Power & Light to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The damage to Monmouth County is extensive and a state of emergency remains intact along with many curfews in coastal communities.

Jersey Central Power & Light has failed to provide their Monmouth County customers with information regarding repairs and restoration.  The telephone calls and e-mails to our county offices has been overwhelming, with a very angry and frustrated public unable to get any answers from the utility company.

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The questions asked by the public include:1.With so much advanced notice of the eminent hurricane, what preparation was done?2.What plan of attack was utilized in restoring power?3.Why did sections of communities have power and others not?4.Who can the customer contact for specific information?5.What is the age and capability of their specific JCP&L infrastructure?6.If this infrastructure is outdated and therefore vulnerable, why has it not been upgraded?7.What specific demands has the BPU placed on infrastructure upgrades?8.In the future with power down, what form of communication can be utilized to get information out? The public puts its trust into the Board of Public Utilities to supply answers to their questions and provide a safe and efficient electrical system.  Public confidence in Monmouth County concerning JCP&L’s ability to supply clean, efficient, affordable energy has severely diminished.  Please assist us in providing assurance to our constituents that their needs are paramount- superseding utility companies’ profits, and conduct a full scale investigation of JCP&L’s response and ability to service their customers during the horrific Hurricane Sandy aftermath.

I thank you in advance for your diligence on this matter.

Very truly yours,

John P. Curley
Freeholder Director

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