Dear Editor,

On November 6th, I urge New Jersey voters to say NO to the, “Building our Future Bond Act”. This out-of-control tax hike proposal would stick the taxpayers with a $750 million bond bill to fund building construction at not only public, but private universities in New Jersey.

Private universities should not be receiving taxpayer funds period. They have no legal obligation to provide any sort of public access and often have very high tuition rates with many students from outside of New Jersey.

Let’s also not forget that New Jersey has the highest rate of students who go to school out-of-state. As of 2008, a whopping 42% of New Jersey students attended higher education institutions outside of New Jersey. This means almost half of New Jersey students would receive nothing but debt from this $750 million tax bill.

If the state wants to fund higher education, funds should be generated solely by reasonable taxes on vices and only go to public colleges and universities, instead of providing corporate welfare to private institutions.

Now that New Jersey has legalized sports betting, in addition to having casinos in Atlantic City – with revenue that is supposed to fund education, we should not need to raise taxes to fund education.

If the state needs more money for education, marijuana and prostitution also should be legalized and taxed to foot the bill. Between the reduced law enforcement costs and new tax revenue we could have free higher education for every New Jersey student, in addition to taking the revenue away from violent street gangs and creating legitimate jobs.

A $750 million bond in these economic times is wholly fiscally irresponsible and must be rejected. I hope you will join me in standing for lower taxes and fiscally responsible government by on voting “NO” on the Public Question No. 1 – the “Building our Future Bond Act”.

Eric Hafner
Toms River, NJ

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