david_prown_120I adored the movie/documentary “Looking for Sugarman” about the Detroit Musician “Rodriquez”. This is the true story of a magnificent songwriter in the vein of Bob Dylan who makes 2 excellent albums in the early 70’s that simply don’t sell at all here in the US.

Sixto, his 1st name, essentially disappears into his blue collar, invisible working life.

Little does he know that his albums have found there way to South Africa where they became monster sellers (reportedly 500,000 copies) and his songs become an anthem to the younger, white anti-apartheid movement. In South Africa, he was bigger than the Stones, bigger than Elvis, but nobody knew anything about this man of mystery.

Hence, rumors swirled of an on-stage suicide via lightening himself on fire, shooting himself and others. Thru the efforts of a South African record store “Rodriquez”

enthusiast, this muscial genius was discovered alive and well and living a very quiet life in Detroit raising 3 daughters and occasionally playing his music (usually with his back to the small audiences).

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You need to see the movie to find out how he was “found” and his magical and near resurrection visit/concert in South Africa. After of decades of loving the music of this singer/songwriter they all assumed had long passed, his reemergence at his South African concert is beyond words.

The hand held camera views of the concert, the fans and of Rodriquez are so pure, so incredible.

And hey, his songs are really, really good.

This is a terrific film. Not sure if it is still in theatres HOWEVER, it will be shown FREE on the big screen at the Count Basie Theatre Nov. 13th at 7pm (must reserve tickets here –


You can’t make up this. Go see this remarkable film

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