david_prown_120I adore films that are based on true stories and I fully understand they might be embellished a bit for Hollywood – no problem.

“Argo” was based on a story I never heard of that occurred during the traumatic Iranian hostage crisis of 1979/80. I sure remember the later, all the yellow ribbons and the almost unbelievable return of all the hostages safely on the day of Ronald Reagan’s inauguration.

I never knew there was six more American’s that escaped the US Embassy on that fateful day in ’79 when the it was stormed by a huge, angry mob of Iranians (this scene at the beginning of the movie was remarkably tense and well done). The six miraculously escaped to the neighboring home of the Canadian ambassador.

Clearly in this film and in history, the bravery and loyalty to the USA shown by this family and the Canadian government is historic.

The movie then focuses on an amazing, complex – way under the radar – State Department plan to free these hostages. Conceived and led by CIA specialist “Ben Affleck” who is brilliant in this role. Not pretty, never smiling, totally focused and professional. This movie is so well done!  Ridiculously tense and riveting like no other.

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Supporting cast of Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Alan Arkin are all amazing – not surprisingly. Directed by Affleck, Co-produced by George Clooney. 

The scene in the “Market” and the final escape scene redefines the word tension. We are talking edge of your seat, biting your nails, praying to everyone and anyone.

I don’t know if a movie like this can win an Academy Award but WOW!   Go folks!  GO!   A tremendous 2 hour movie.

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