Where are the black Republicans? This is the question I would like to address. I am so frustrated with the media and the portrayal of the Afro-American community as only democrat. I feel this is because we have an Afro-American president. There are Afro-American republicans that do not have an extreme right point of view. In the process of seeking to win this election, traditional republicans are not even seeking the Black Republican vote, assuming that blacks vote based on ethnic loyalty not policies. I am weary of people assuming that Afro-Americans do not know or understand the main issues. Why is it assumed we are so shallow that we would put a president in office because of his skin color and not because of his stand on issues that affect the Afro-American and Latino community, but “our” community as a whole? I am upset that black local republicans are not taking a stand for issues that affect our local community. I find it very disturbing when my son goes to a catholic school but because he’s black it is assumed he’s a democrat not based on issues but the color of his skin. I find not only are the polls and some of the candidate’s views muddy, but so are the minds of the people in our community. Until the country can set aside religion, gender, sexual orientation,  and come together, our children will be left behind socially and economically. I want to encourage my party to represent us all not just white Americans, but all Americans. I want to encourage our local party to represent our diversity in age, color, and culture. I want our community to not make assumptions that the color of my skin determines what I believe. I want the republican party to portray all the members, so locally people will not keep asking the same question “where are the black republicans” because we are right here.

— Be Blessed,
Clavon Leonard
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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