david_prown_120I wasn’t overly excited to see “End of Watch” which looked it was about two young, super tough crazy police officers (staring Jake Gyllenhaal & Michael Pena) who are taking on the gangs and not backing down from anyone/anything. This is essentially what this movie is about but it is totally captivating and engaging.

I was very surprised (though moviefone.com critics and viewers both gave it a 70%+ rating which is very good). Just somehow these police partners have there own language, there own style, there own friendship that is very engaging when they are both on screen. There one on one conversations, especially in the squad car and just really good.

Lots of weird editing, camera angles, moving cameras, hand held cameras by Jake, mini cams on the officer lapels are also added into the movie mix (plus the cameras on the squad car dashboard). Sort of herky jerky but actually makes it more interesting.

This was a very enjoyable movie and I bet it does ok in the box office.
(fun, violent, tremendous raw language)

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