Dear Editor:

Anti-Catholic bigotry resumed today (September 27) at the Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery on 57th Street, in New York City, where the state-sponsored “artwork” entitled Piss Christ goes on display for a month. This consists of a photograph of a crucifix floating in the artist’s urine.

The National Endowment for the Arts is the government agency that funded the creation of Piss Christ.

Could you imagine the outcry if that were the Prophet of Islam? 

Where is the Catholic and Christian outrage? Where is President Obama’s outrage at this desecration? Is he too busy apologizing around the world for that stupid anti-Islamic video? Or is he enjoying his Mandate that Catholic and Christian institutions pay for abortion pills?

Are we too timid to defend our religious beliefs? Catholic and Christian Religious Liberty and Freedom are under attack!

Perhaps we should hold a “Pray-In” at this “gallery” to pray for those demented souls who believe this is a work of “art”?

Or should we threaten to tell the Islamists about this desecration and insult to Jesus, called “Isa” in their holy text, the Quran, as they revere Him as a Prophet and Messiah? We have seen what they do to those who insult their prophets.

Vivat Jesus!
Viva Christo Rey!

Tom Stokes, SK, PGK

Editor’s note: Thomas Stokes is a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus and a past Grand Knight of a local Knights of Columbus Council.

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