david_prown_120Rule #1, beware of 2 word movie titles starting with the word “The”. Rule #2, beware of movie leads starring men with beautiful blue eyes.

Well I broke both rules and went to the “The Words” anyway and it was okay. I think I was the lone male in the audience so I’m not sure if you classify this movie as a “chick flick”.

What’s interesting about this movie was that all the previews clearly showed that pretty boy/lead Bradley Cooper had authored this fabulous best seller, he had clearly stolen the work/book from someone else and then has to deal with anquish as the world finds out.

Plus he also meets the real writer of the story. So you know the premise of the movie right out of the block and essentially the movie shows how the pieces come togethr.

Then the end gets real confusing when another author Dennis Quaid comes into the picture so the film does not end strong nor complete.

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Yet, it is definitely worth going to see this movie to see screen icon Jeremy Irons who is the original author. We get to learn the genesis of the story and hence the story/manuscript.

Zoe Saldana plays the extremely devoted girlfriend then wife..until she learns of the lie.

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