I don't remember seeing any previews on the movie "The Intouchables", but I heard a real good street buzz from some folks. Had to see it - Whoa!!! Incredible.
This movie is killing it in France (where it was made) and now is doing the same at the Red Bank White St. Arts Theatre.
In some ways this true story is a buddy movie of sorts pairing the most unlikely of pairings: a very affluent but totally paralyzed multi-millionnaire with a young man from the streets who did some prison time.
I've never heard of Francois Cluzet nor Omar Sy but one might come Oscar time. These two were perfectly cast and an excellent example of opposites attracting.
This film is laugh out loud funny at real life situations and comments. Though sub-titled, "The Intouchables" is very easy to follow and is a HUGE MUST SEE THIS WEEK.
Loved the soundtrack too. 
This film simply follows the development of a wonderful friendship of huge respect. And Funny... did I say funny!
Add in that these 2 characters maybe have the 2 best best smiles in the same film in the history of film that make this movie magical as well.
Interesting tension throughout the film making one think something bad/awful is going to happen...thankfully it doesn't 
RUN TO SEE THIS MOVIE ASAP - it is a home run!!
This is why we go to the movies to be sucked in, taken away and utterly entertained.

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