david_prown_120I’m 99% sure I saw Frank Langella in Man of La Mancha on Broadway when in 8th grade (1973) and been a fan of his since. So no doubt the lure of him, a unique preview and a short movie (90 minutes) brought me to see his latest film “Robot & Frank”. I really like the title and one would think to call it Frank and the Robot and I love how the Robot, deservedly so, gets top billing.

My 2nd “buddy” movie of the weekend following “The Intouchables” features a nice cast of Susan Sarandon (great twist we learn at the end of the movie), James Marsden and Liv Tyler (been a while young lady).

Frank lives by himself, clearly getting older and slowly losing his faculties. Set in the “Near future” (clever and believable), Frank’s son gets him a robot that can do virtually all to live/care for Frank. Of course, Frank distains the robot initially, but then they become friendly on multiple levels including helping Frank resurrect his breaking and entering career passion.

Most enjoyable film. Light, easy to follow, very likable and minimal drama and I think no sex or violence (yeah).

You’ll walk out of the theatre with a nice little smile for sure.

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