david_prown_120This is a story about a 6 year old girl (took me 1/2 the movie to figure out she was a girl) named “Hushpuppy” who lives in the Bathtub (in the Delta area) with her father.

This young lady “Quvenzhane Wallis” puts on an ICONIC performance as a child essentially raising herself (but with solid & unique community support) in the most desperate of poverty situations. You can’t believe the filth and danger and disease she lives among but she is all good with it as it is all she ever knew.

She even lives in her own house , by herself, down the way from her Dad.

The only thing missing from the movie is the sense of smell. But you can feel the stench and disease throughout this amazing film.

Really folks, this is the acting job of the year. Utterly amazing performance – a must see. A special film – please go see it in Red Bank before it leaves.

Won’t be nearly as effective on DVD or download

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