Dear Mayor Smith and Council,

To start, thank you again, for all your support in trying to halt The BRSA from building a turbine which will be so detrimental to “our town” and future residents who maybe at one time considered moving to Union Beach.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the meeting last Thursday, but I just wanted to let you know that this is not a good thing for “our town” and all of our neighbors.  Their thinking is if they start trucking in all the “makings of a monster” they won’t be stopped. This needs to be stopped!

As I continually read about how it has destroyed neighborhoods, made people sick from the vibration and noise, unhappy in their homes, the disruptions to their daily lives, etc., all over our country.  It is a “killing field” for our birds as well. 

People become aware after the fact when it’s too late. 


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This is too damaging for so many reasons for Union Beach.  They are truly trying to take advantage, their thinking is the residents of Union Beach either are not smart enough or involved enough to care and they are going to push as hard as possible,  and not for the right reasons.  Sadly a lot of the residents don’t want to get “involved” or have not informed themselves about it.  If it is not in their neighborhood why concern yourself about it?  To this day when the subject is brought up, their response is, “oh is that still an issue, it won’t be stopped.” Unbelievable!  The few are fighting for the majority for all the right reasons and everyone’s best interest. 

Please, I urge you to continue to do everything in your power to halt this project.  I will give as much support as I can to keep the turbine from coming to Union Beach.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.

Katherine Reilly

Union Beach

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