Family members, YOURS and MINE, sacrificed their life for the freedom which is being deliberately and shamefully trampled on right here in Monmouth County, New Jersey. I am very upset because YOU have been duped, right here in your own backyard, by a few Republicans!   Since I cannot vote in your Congressional District 6, I want you to know I am livid with the dishonest, doublecrossing method used to select your ‘INCOMPLETE, UNKNOWN’ candidate for  Congress in the Primary. Your family and mine are the very fiber of our Monmouth County and do not deserve this sleazeeeeee treatment!!

Those ‘few Republicans’ who voted selfishly and carelessly, selected an opponent who lives in Asbury Park, proudly boasts of his Phillipine heritage, BUT knows nothing about you, me, our history, our needs, or our County..!!!!   Official public records document his voting history in OCEAN COUNTY …(not even in the District), and yet he claims to have lived in Asbury Park for nine (9) years.  

I’m a Monmouth County Resident for more than 70 years, born on a farm in New Monmouth, member of County Republican Committee for 39-years, AND never heard of, nor laid eyes on this ‘INCOMPLETE, UNKNOWN’ until the day of the Steering Committee vote in April 2012.  They put an ‘INCOMPLETE, UNKNOWN’  in the Republican Party Column (4) and one of our Monmouth County Natives (ANNA LITTLE) has been thrown out into Column (5)…!   We won’t take this lightly!

ANNA LITTLE IS ONE OF US, born & raised in the District, attended Harmony, St. Catherine’s, St. Mary’s, Thompson, and Middletown South.  Business Owner, living & raising family in the District, Former Shore town Mayor, Former Monmouth County Freeholder.  A well-known, qualified and proven candidate with Monmouth County sand in her shoes, willing to represent  Congressional District 6 (Belford, Leonardo, Locust, Middletown, Navesink, New Monmouth, Port Monmouth).  Her Mom and Dad, Ann & Frank Campbell, were both Middletown Twp Teachers.  

Thorne Middle School, named in honor of Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, Horace Marvin (Bud) Thorne, honors, teaches and practices the principles for which my brother “Bud” gave his life. And, as I live and breathe, I will speak out on behalf of hundreds of Thorne Students, to prevent their pride, accomplishments, and goals from becoming sullied by back-door, unforgiveable, unwarranted dirty political maneuvering of our constitutional right to vote.  Our freedom should not be abused by deceiving our citizens.   AND MIND YOU,  THESE FEW, WHO HAD THE PRIVILEGE TO SERVE AS STEERING COMMITTEE thumbed their nose at Monmouth County Principles … the entire committee did not make this decision to push ANNA LITTLE off the Republican Party Line.


  • Never attended a GOP Gala, Affiliated Meeting, local GOP dinner, Tea Party Meeting, or raised a dime for either Monmouth County or Middlesex County Republican Party!
  • Never supported a Monmouth or Middlesex County Republican nor ever been elected to any government office!
  • Knows nothing about you, me, our county, repealing Obamacare, protecting our freedom!
  • Not qualified to deliberate current political obstacles preventing Congressional Help to District 6 or the state!


PRIMARY  VOTE  COLUMN  FIVE  (5 )   …..      ANNA LITTLE   ……  column 5

Prepared at no cost by: 

Edith Thorne (Lentz)

Brielle, NJ 



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