The existing Ft. Monmouth site is a vacant Thee Billion Dollar facility. It was the home of the Army Signal Corps School. West Point used part of this site to indoctrinate their West Point Cadets before paying $100,000,000.00 to move the school to West Point.

The Hexagon Army research building is here. An existing Army Hospital is here. The Army’s Chaplin’s School was here. This site has been an education and research center for over 100 years. Ft. Monmouth is more than a shovel ready site. The roads parking lots and dormitory buildings exist. Officer and enlisted housing, all of the facilities a major Army Post are here.

The Veteran’s Administration needs another hospital for our veterans. They can open the existing hospital immediately. We are going to build a VA center locally anyway. Use the hospital that’s here now it makes economic sense.

Less than a 5 hour drive for 25% of the population of the United States, at Parkway exit 105. One hour commuter electrified rail to Northern NJ & NYC. This site is minutes from Monmouth University and Brookdale Community College. About a 30 minute drive from Princeton University. You can bring Amtrack trains in here today using the existing siding at Monmouth Park Race Track. The now vacant 2 million plus sq. ft. Bell Labs is located at Parkway exit 114 on about 500 acres of property.

Red Bank is 1 mile from the West gate, voted as one of the nation’s top 3 towns to live in. Close to ocean beaches and commuter ferry to NYC. Monmouth County has lost over 3 billion dollars a year in jobs.

This is our chance to replace these high paying jobs.This has everything to do with Jobs. Monmouth County needs these high paying jobs. In an economy that is short of cash we have a lot to offer.

Points to consider:

  1. The closing of Ft. Monmouth has cost Monmouth Co. about 10,000 jobs. About 3 Billion Dollars a year.
  2. The Veterans Administration is not part of the Army.
  3. Why spend the money to build a world class medical school from the ground up when Ft. Monmouth is available.
  4. Oceanport and Eatontown still haven’t been able to come up with a plan for the property.
  5. Maybe our military would like to use the school to train their medics in a university setting. This would also allow area veterans the use of commissary services.
  6. Imagine having AMTRACK RAIL SERVICE into Monmouth Park race track. Hop on the train in Hartford or Baltimore and spend the day at the races. No other race track could offer these services. World Class racing.
  7. New Jersey is all about tourists. Think about the travel packages we can offer.
  8. The Fort is closed and almost no options are available in finding a tenant to occupy this valuable property.
  9. The present thinking of building a Medical School in Southern NJ is well intended. That site would have to be built from the ground up.

The Ft. Monmouth site is in easy commuter distance from some of great Hospitals in Northern NJ & NYC. The faculty can be drawn from these places. They wouldn’t have to leave their day jobs or move. Take the train in place of the subway.

We live in a competitive world and probably have the best site for a new Medical University. Politicians have to be agile and consider this site. It’s important for us to ask for the school to be placed at Ft. Monmouth.

If you don’t ask,


David Hermanson
Middletown, NJ

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