Atlantic Highlands, NJ –Who says being called an old bat is offensive?  Definitely not baby boomer,  Patricia Walter, of Middletown, New Jersey who yielded to the right of the road to allow a speeding ambulance to pass her by when a young driver who perhaps glanced over that section of the driver’s manual,  hollered “You old bat!”  Walter thought this was an amusing milestone in her life.  


Patricia Walter of Middletown with grand-daughter, Sarah Milne of Atlantic Highlands

Walter shared the story with her granddaughter, Sarah Milne of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey.  It became a source of humor between them for some time.  The then 10 year old designed a 65th birthday card for her grandmother, with an image of a bat holding a cane.  Walter thought the design would appeal to other boomers like her who feel and look younger than their years suggest, are active and have a sense of humor.  Walter inspired Milne to use her talents and perfect the design.

From that birthday card, the “Proud Old Bat” was born.  For starters, Milne decided she would debut on a car magnet.  She is an elegant attractive bat with long eyelashes, a beauty mark and holding her signature red cane hanging from her wing.  This “Proud Old Bat” certainly does not appear stereotypically old, crazy or angry.  

Proud Old Bat logo created by 
Sarah Milne, 11.

When asked about how she came to create this design, Milne, a sixth grader at Saint James Elementary School, says “I wanted her to look sassy and chic like my grandmothers and other women I know.  They are smart, attractive, well dressed and can do anything.  Their age does not matter.”  

The “Proud Old Bat” car magnets are flying off the shelves and are being proudly displayed on cars, SUV’s, in homes and in offices.   

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