david_prown_120It had been 2 weeks since I sat in a theatre and was really jonesing to see a big screen picture. Had a window of time this past Friday and nothing jumped out at me. “Act of Valor” worked for my time slot and so I went with candidly very low expectations. I knew/heard that this filmed involved the use of “active-duty” Navy seals but still my expectations were low.

BANG – what a fabulous movie. It was so different from any other action movie I’ve ever seen.

a) Had a singular plot to rescue a captured CIA agent.

b) With the “unnamed Seals” as part of every aspect of this film and the film making.

c) The back story (family and friend relationships), which in many movies is unneccesary totally is vital to this film

d) This movie has such a different “feel” – I can’t explain but it was fabulous.

e) Action scenes so much better than most action scenes but in a “real way”

Run to see this movie on a big screen, it is a beautiful thing.

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