david_prown_120I took my nap, had my 5 hour energy. brought a jacket, drank a Pepsi, ate a chocolate bar and went to an early show, as I was 100% prepared to see “A Separation”.

My movie guru friends, Joan Ellis (http://joanellis.com/reviews/separation,%20a.htm) and Jeff Miller owner of LS Racquet club gave the highest review for this film.

This sub-tittled (sit 3/4’s of the way back in the theatre), Iranian film is utterly riveting in so many ways. The human “tension” was unbelievable. I can’t tell how many times I had my hands over my eyes and my body totally cringing. But not because of some violence, gore or horrid rape scene, was simply a human story playing out.

The actors were simply not acting. It was so believable was like we were sitting inside 6 feet away from their faces wherever they want. The 2 daughters in the film, I think ages 5 &

11 had simply the most

incredible faces and innocence that absolutely captured the moment, stirred the audience or tour at your deepest emotion simply “with a look”.

Also, a perfect ending.


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