It has been reported that in the 2008 presidential election 54% of Catholics voted for Obama. I was surprised at that figure and it most likely included those Catholics who are four-timers. Four-timers are Catholics who have been to Church four times in their lives; Baptism, Communion, when they got married and when they are finally laid to rest at their funeral! I imagine these are the “Catholics” who are skewing the poll numbers.

As a Catholic it is difficult to support Obama because of his pro-abortion ideology and because Catholics should be pro-life! Cardinal Francis George of Chicago explained that a basic principle of justice is that innocent human life, especially when incapable of self-defense, deserves the protection of the law. He stated that anyone who denies that premise cannot claim to advance the common good. Roe v. Wade denies those protections to the unborn. Accordingly one cannot be morally and/or logically for the common good and also support Roe v. Wade.

Barack Obama not only is deeply embedded in the abortion rights camp, but as an Illinois state senator he went so far as to vote against the “born alive” Illinois state bill. This was a bill that said if an infant survived the abortion procedure and was “born alive” it now had all the protections of a citizen. Pretty simple stuff but Obama was against it stating it would undermine Roe v. Wade .

In 2008 there were, however, prominent Catholic voices who were for Obama. The Catholic Charities, USA, endorsed Obamacare. The U.S. Conference of Bishops repeatedly called healthcare a right, tacitly endorsing Obamacare. Now many of these same people are feeling a little betrayed in light of the new health insurance regulations requiring Catholic organizations/businesses to provide birth control and abortifacients against their religious beliefs. I would only say that these people were rather naïve. To expect Obama not to act in the interests of the pro-abortion faction is akin to the girl who was asked by the snake to carry him across the river. She agreed as long as the snake wouldn’t bite her. The snake said of course he would not bite her. Halfway across the river the snake bit the girl. The girl said to the snake you promised you would not bite me. The snake just responded, I am a snake am I not? That’s what I do.


Blaise Piazza

Atlantic Highlands

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