I am opposed to the ” Marriage Equality and Religion Act” Senate Bill S-1 and Assembly Bill A-1 sponsored by the Democrats on January 24th, 2012. If this bill passes the Assembly it will go back to the Senate for the finale vote.

How did the word RELIGION get into this bill when GOD created Adam & Eve and not Adam & Adam or Eve & Eve. I feel that anyone who lays down with the same sex as they would the opposite sex is just as sick as the ones who support this bill. The people of this state have had Domestic Partners and Civil Unions forced on us. I feel this issue should be voted on by the people of this state, not the Senate or Assembly.

Homosexuals have the freedom to marry, but they just cannot marry someone of the same gender.   Its should not be forgotten that there are restrictions on marriage for all Americans.  For example you cannot marry if you are all ready married, You cannot marry a close relative.  Adult cannot marry a child, and you cannot marry someone of the same sex.  All of these restrictions are for the welfare of both family and our society. If you allow same sex marriage, you completely strip marriage and its meaning of one man and one women being fruitful and multiplying. Just think of a child with two MOMS or two DADS.  What kind of a model can they be?  Legalization of homosexual marriage would open pandora’s box.  What would be next?  Polygamy!

I served 28 years in the service of this country and I did not run then and I won’t run now. I feel that it is time for the silent Majority to stand up and be counted by calling the Senators and Assembly members; by faxing, e-mail, writing, and going to their office to voice your opposition to same sex marriage in this state. I feel that our Senators and Assembly have better things to do.  For example, taking schools off the back of the property owner which is 60% of our tax bill, elimination of pork funds which would save the tax payers millions, state debt, economy, and jobs. Steven Goldstein and the Garden State Equity would have to buy votes elsewhere and use his threats and intimidation as he has done in Ocean and Monmouth counties.  Also call Governor Chris Christie at 609-292-6000 and thank him for his veto.

James W Harris Sr.
Red Bank, N.J.

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