To The Editor:

This is an open letter to all our New Jersey legislators and a response to the letter from John Hendrickson.  Please be aware that the current bill for Marriage Equality is not a threat to the Constitution, heterosexuals, religion, marriage or civilization in general.  It allows same sex couples to acquire a marriage license and provides the same equality in legal matters as are bestowed upon heterosexual married couples.  How is that dangerous?

Two things to remember:

1)     Government is a secular institution.  Government does not legislate morality.  Morality comes from one of the thousands of churches and religions that exist throughout this country and the world.  The Government is only involved with marriage because of the license and the tax code.  That’s it.

2)    Marriage is a religious institution and is considered a sacred bond.  However, that doesn’t seem to preclude a nearly 50% divorce rate among heterosexual couples.  It also doesn’t stop arranged marriages  for the purpose of property or status.  How sacred can that be?  The Unification Church still marry couples who are strangers en mass in a football stadium.  A man and a woman – yes.  But sacred?  A ceremony is just a ceremony.  The action has to be sacred in your heart.

I am certain most of this mindless fear – as displayed in Mr. Hendrickson’s letter – derives from people not knowing any same sex couples.  I have known – do know – quite a few.  And they are loving and serious and committed and their bonds to each other ARE sacred.  How could it be bad for this country to have more caring, committed couples added to the ranks?  Trust me – in the eyes of God, they are already married.  They just ask to complete the paperwork.


Carl J Nolan
Atlantic Highlands, NJ  

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